Applying to Higher Education in the US

Collection of Resources for Undergraduate and Graduate School Application in US Universities

Key Terms

  • Admission vs Scholarship vs Fellowship

    • Most people use these terms interchangeably but they have different meanings

      • Admission: is when a program accepts you based on your merit and educational plans. This is the first and most important step in higher education application.

      • Scholarship vs Fellowship: are modes of covering your educational expenses; a money that a university or other institution provide to pay for your tuition, related expenses and living stipend.

        • Scholarship: are usually based on merit and are sometimes financial need-based . They usually must be applied directly to tuition and directly related expenses, and do not include stipends.

        • Fellowship: funding is usually awarded for doctoral research based on the various specialized areas. It is merit-based, but generally not need-based. Fellowship funding is generally discretionary for student awardees to use as they see fit to support themselves while pursuing graduate study. They often come with a stipend.


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